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Free & paid DLC packs released for Mantis Burn Racing

Indie development studio VooFoo has released the very first two DLC packs for their old-school inspired...


GRIP continues to impress as we get closer to launch

We've been keenly following the Rollcage-inspired racer GRIP for some time now thanks to its old-school...


Intergalactic Road Warriors on hold, mobile version coming

Indie development studio TurtleBlaze has recently announced that they have put their 2D side scrolling...


Daytona 3 Arcade provided a disappointing experience

We were lucky enough to sample the very latest Daytona arcade title recently. The racer formally known as...


Redout career play through part 3

We continue our Redout career play through with the third video as seen below. Kicking off we take part in...


Drive for the glory of Satan in Demon Truck

Demon Truck is a new endless runner title that has been recently released on Steam by developer Triger...


Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing coming to the PS4

Top-down retro-inspired racer Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing, which has just released on the Nintendo Wii U...


Mantis Burn Racing to support full native 4K on PS4 Pro

Indie developer VooFoo Studios has announced that their retro-inspired top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing...


Road Redemption delayed following Louisiana floods

There's some bad news for those eagerly awaiting the release of the Road Rash inspired Road...


Here's the latest trailer for Mantis Burn Racing, coming to PC, PS4...

The top-down retro-inspired racer Mantis Burn Racing gets a new trailer ahead of Gamescom which gives us a...


We take a look at Super Night Riders

Our latest gameplay video takes a look at the indie title Super Night Riders. Super Night Riders is a very...


F-Zero GX inspired racer Extreme Gravity Rage comes to Kickstarter

Indie developer Next Generation Games have added their F-Zero GX inspired futuristic racer Extreme Gravity...


Fun kart racer Bears Can't Drift!? releases for PS4 & PC

Indie developer Strangely Named's retro-inspired kart racer Bears Can't Drift!? has been released on the...


Bears Can't Drift!? is sliding onto PS4 next week

Strangely Named's retro-inspired kart racer Bears Can't Drift!? has been doing the rounds on Steam Early...


Top down racer Hot Rod Racer released on Wii U eshop

Indie Wii U developer ZeNfA Productions have released their retro inspired top-down racer Hot Rod Racer on...


Kart racer Bears Can't Drift gears up for PC & PS4 release, new trailer

The classic kart racer Bears Can't Drift is currently gearing up for its PC and PlayStation 4 release. The...


What ever happened to 90's Arcade Racer?

With games like Horizon Chase, Drift Stage and Racing Apex gaining traction, there are plenty of...


New trailer released for retro racer Horizon Chase

Indie developer Aquiris Game Studio have released a new official trailer for their iOS and Android racer...


The Wacky Wheels official reboot is now available on Steam

Independent developer Ferocity 2D have recently made available their official Wacky Wheels reboot, known as...


Two-wheeled PC arcade racer Super Night Riders gets 40% discount

The PC arcade bike racer (inspired by the likes of Hang On among other racing classics) has recently had...


Virtua Racing-esque racer Racing Apex greenlit on Steam

The retro inspired racer Racing Apex has passed its first checkpoint and has been greenlit on...


Retro-inspired racer Racing Apex comes to Steam Greenlight and...

Last month we stumbled upon the Virtua Racing inspired polygonal racer Racing Apex and now the game has...


OutRun inspired racer 80's Overdrive racing onto the 3DS

Another retro-inspired racing title has emerged recently, this one, entitled 80's Overdrive, is very much...


Check out Virtua Racing-inspired polygonal arcade racer Racing Apex

Racing Apex is a retro inspired polygonal arcade PC racer which is inspired by the likes of Virtua Racing,...

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