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PS4 Pro's Boost Mode is improving racing game frame rates significantly

As you may know, achieving a smooth and consistent frame rate in racing games is an important factor to us...


Virtua Racing on Mame for PC

As a person who loves the stylised visuals of flat shaded polygons, and a fan of racing games in general, I...


Euro Truck Simulator 2: 1.20 beta shows ridiculous attention to detail

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – the game that you’ll mock until you actually play it and then become instantly...


Dre's F1 2015 Review

For me, this is a seriously important game for Codemasters. It's their 7th straight year making an F1...


Dre Plays - Project Cars [Episode 5]

To break up the Career Mode seasons, the game has a lot of other one-off Inivitational events that you can...


Dre Plays - Project Cars [Episode 4]

Oh dear. Remind me never to use dry tyres on a wet Donington Park, ever again. WARNING: Incompetence level...


Dre Plays - Project Cars [Episode 3]

In Episode 3 of my Project Cars "Dre Plays"adventure, I head to the Formula Rookie European Series over at...


Dre Plays - Project Cars [Episode 2]

The Project Cars Career Mode continues! In this episode, I break my controller and give my car a nickname...


Ask Dre - Hamilton to Ferrari? My Greatest Driver ever?

Here's one of my favourite things about being on YouTube, answering some of of your questions! And in this...


Dre TV - Are Vettel and Rosberg "Bad For F1?"

In this episode of Dre TV, I talk about Bernie Ecclestone's comments regarding Nico Rosberg and Sebastian...


Stock Car Extreme - Superkarts and Suzuka

Yesterday Reiza Studios released an update to Stock Car Extreme adding Superkarts, Kansai (aka Suzuka) and...


Activision's Grand Prix on Atari 2600

When we think of racing games, we mostly think of a first or third person view. Mostly.  We're either...


Absolute Drift Beta - a masterpiece of burnt rubber and minimalism

Absolute Drift, a minimalistic racing game where the goal is to (yup you guessed it) drift. The game was...


Head to Head: Pole Position Vs Enduro on the Atari 2600.

Arguments in the schoolyard like "My C64 is better than your Spectrum!" or "My PS4 is better than your...


The Racing Game Chronicles - Split/Second (2010)

And in the second part of my Racing Game Chronicles two-part special, I look at the 2010 Arcade...


The Racing Game Chronicles - Blur (2010)

In the latest episode of The Racing Game Chronicles, I move back to 2010, and cover one half of the...


Night Driver on the Atari 2600

Oldschool! No, seriously... really, really oldschool! One of the very earliest racing games out there,...

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